TENDER LOVING CACAO… The ultimate birth booster?


WHAT TO EAT DURING LABOUR??? This is a common question that is brought up in The Birthing Room's Antenatal Classes. And the first thoughts of participants are not always that appealing... Something from a vending machine... A soggy old sandwich that's been growing warm in your birth bag... And Dad, no! You cannot wander down to the local cafe for some kai, this is YOUR BIRTH TOO!

The real answer is much simpler. THIS IS A BIRTH-DAY. Literally. And you wouldn't leave a birthday party to get some food, nor bust out your soggy sammy. And so I encourage all birthing families to pack a birthday party hamper! No matter whether you are planning to birth at home, at a birthing unit, or at hospital, this is something that will be well utilised. However, the most important thing to know is that all the food should be nourishing. Some births are super speedy and require a huge hit of energy in a short space of time. Others are a gentle entrance into the world which require sustained energy on both the part of Mum and Dad (and your midwife if you've thought about adding something in the hamper for her/him too!). And remember, whatever Mum eats is what baby eats, and you would never think about giving baby a sugar filled energy drink!

So instead of pulling out sugar loaded liquid to help the incredible warrior Mama welcome her infant into the world, why not dig into some of Tender Loving Cacao's delectable chocolate?! I think this is the ultimate end of labour food, just the perfect thing to eat as Mum begins to breath baby out into the world. Free of refined sugar, vegan, raw, organic and gluten free, Tender Loving Cacao is guaranteed to be nourishing for both Mum and Dad, as well as their beautiful womb baby.

Get some Tender Loving Cacao for your birth bag here: Tender Loving Cacao



The Nappy Lady Workshop North Canterbury


The Nappy Lady is coming to North Canterbury! The Birthing Room is excited to announce we are hosting The Nappy Lady's Waste Free Parenting Workshop in Pegasus on September 17th, in partnership with the Waimakariri District Council. This is a humorous, entertaining and inspirational seminar full of tips and ideas around ways you can minimise waste at home especially with children in the home. The best news is that you receive a pack for attending this workshop. The 'Waste Free Parenting Pack' includes cloth nappies and other waste minimisation products worth $100 which is great if you have babies in nappies in the home.

Who should attend this workshop?
- Parents to be.
- Parents with children in the home.
- Grandparents.
- Anyone interested in reducing waste in the home.

Includes afternoon tea provided by The Birth Connection. 

Click here for more information

MilkPads Are Here!


The Birthing Room is delighted to announce we now stock MilkPads! Locally made, eco-friendly products that help make your breastfeeding journey a little bit easier. MilkPads have reusable breast pads for light, medium and heavy leakage (covering both your day and night time needs), and for small to large breast sizes. If you are not sure where to start, why not try a MilkPads Starter Pack? You can check out all your choices at The Birthing Room's Facebook shop, while our website shop is currently being built behind the scenes. Happy shopping! The Birthing Room's Facebook Shop


Doula birth companion

Doula birth companion

Antenatal classes Canterbury

Antenatal classes Canterbury


Does working with expectant families light a fire within you? Do you feel passionate about seeing families have positive birth experiences in New Zealand? Well, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

BirthWorks International are hosting three workshops in New Zealand this June, designed to equip training childbirth educators and doulas with practical and empowering skills. BirthWorks courses are based on a philosophy that women intuitively know how to give birth, and therefore childbirth is not a skill that can be taught. BirthWorks childbirth educators and doulas empower families-to-be with confidence and trust in their instinctual ability to birth their baby. That's what makes BirthWorks unique!

Auckland: Childbirth Educator Workshop, June 15th-17th 2016. Can be done as part of the BirthWorks International Childbirth Educator Programme, or a an ongoing education workshop for CBE's and midwives in NZ.

Auckland: Doula Workshop, June 18th-20th 2016. Can be done as part of the BirthWorks International Doula Programme, or a an ongoing education workshop for CBE's, midwives, and doulas in NZ.

Christchurch: Accelerated Childbirth Educator and Doula Workshop (ACED), June 10th-13th 2016. Can be done as part of the BirthWorks International ACED Programme.

Registrations need to be in ASAP. So to find out more about these upcoming workshops click here.


Class giveaway

Are you expecting another baby in 2016? In New Zealand the sad reality is that many people have experienced a birth that left them feeling disappointed, disrespected, with lack of confidence in their body, and with physical or emotional hurt. Both Mum and Dad can be left feeling traumatised. The Birthing Room believes that everyone is entitled to a birth that makes them feel empowered, respected, loved, confident, and listened to. And this does not depend on whether or not everything went smoothly. So we'd like to give more people an opportunity to have an empowered birth!

To receive a chance to win your place in The Birthing Room's November 2016 antenatal courses in Christchurch or North Canterbury all you need to do is comment on our post, telling us which November course you'd like to attend, and then share the post on your timeline. It's that easy! The Birthing Room Facebook Page Sharing our Facebook competition with your friends and family who are expecting also gives them the opportunity to have a positive birth experience. Happy entering!

To check out our up coming antenatal courses CLICK HERE

Terms and conditions of entry

The Birthing Room will be giving away one place in each of The Birthing Room's BirthWorks antenatal courses in 2016. This includes both Canterbury and North Canterbury courses.

The prize applies to BirthWorks classes only. It does not include BabyCalm, The Birthing Room Online Classes, or The Birthing Room workshops or conferences.

Entries are limited to those who are expecting another baby. This includes families who have had a baby over 20wks of pregnancy who has passed away and do not have any other children.

To enter you must be a resident in Canterbury, or willing to make your own way to the course. The prize does not include flights, accommodation, or travel costs.

The prize is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be transferred to another person. The prize is not transferable to another antenatal course with The Birthing Room, it will apply to the course won only.

The prize winner's name and photograph, and that of their partner can be used on The Birthing Room website and in their newsletters for promotional and advertising purposes, only in relation to the competition won.

The prize must be claimed by the winner within 10 days of announcement, or the prize winner will be redrawn. The winner will be announced on both Facebook and The Birthing Room's website.

Good luck!



What is your greatest fear about parenting? For many families-to-be it is how they are going to settle their baby. "What to do with baby" is frequently written on The Birthing Room's questionnaire, when asking families what they most want to cover in antenatal classes.

Well help is at hand! BabyCalm & ToddlerCalm have a workshop THIS SATURDAY February 27th in Christchurch that has a couple of spaces left! This 3hr antenatal workshop is ideal for parents to be who would like the best evidence-based information on:

"Why babies cry and how to calm them"
"Why babies sleep the way they do and how you can help them to sleep a little more"

This workshop is attended by The Birthing Room families to be, and is our #1 recommended workshop by families who visit classes with their newborn.

You can book online here



If you currently pregnant or have recently had a baby, and live in Canterbury, I've got great news for you! There are three exciting events coming up which I whole-heartedly recommend attending...

Pelvic Floor Matters® have their workshop coming up, which is perfect for all women who are wanting more information about keeping or obtaining a healthy pelvic floor. If you are looking at getting back into exercise now your baby has been born, or are struggling with incontinence issues or a weakened pelvic floor muscle, this is the workshop for you.

14 March 2016 at 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Venue: YMCA Christchurch City - 12 Hereford Street, Christchurch
Pelvic Floor Matters® - an informative seminar for every woman. No matter your age or stage in life. Don’t miss out. Tell your friends. Make it a night out with the girls!

Brought to you by Gratitude Fitness, Vicki – Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse and Maree Frost Physiotherapy, Maree – Physiotherapist specialising in pelvic floor health.
Find out more here

Gratitude Fitness 8 Week Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Programme

Winner of the NZ Exercise Industry Awards for Initiative Award 2015! This 8 week programme is the best new Mum gift for life ~ Perfect gift for the Baby Shower ~ For a Life Less Ordinary
Find out more here

The Nappy Lady Workshops

Coming up in both Christchurch and Selwyn. During this 2.5 hour seminar you will get lots of exciting and inspirational information around ways you can minimize waste at home especially with a baby and you will also learn a bit about modern cloth nappy options too. This workshop has been beneficial to so many of The Birthing Room's expectant parents, and books out very quickly, so make sure you register asap!

Find out more here


Class giveaway

Many parents find they come away from their first birth experience with their hopes and dreams shattered, with feelings of failure, despair and disappointment. Here at The Birthing Room, we believe this should be a rare event as birth is meant to be challenging, yes, but also empowering, incredible, intuitive, bonding, and... HEALING!

We believe this SO much that we have given away a spot in each of our February Canterbury antenatal classes to three families having another baby, so they can experience the healing and empowerment themselves! The lucky winners are:

  1. Elizabeth Bowen -North Canterbury Antenatal Classes Feb 11th-March 17th
  2. Isabel Foster -Christchurch Antenatal Classes Feb 3rd-March 9th
  3. Casey & Adam Curtis -Christchurch Antenatal Classes Feb 20th-March 12th

If you are one of our lucky winners, please email The Birthing Room within 10 days to claim your prize. contact us here

If you have missed out this time around, don't despair... Our March antenatal class give away is just around the corner!