New Zealand Childbirth Educators Needed!

New Zealand Antenatal Classes

New Zealand Antenatal Classes

Empowered birth: Does this light a fire of passion in you? The Birthing Room is looking for new Childbirth Educators to join their team. Could this be you?? Whether you are already a CBE or midwife, or just someone who loves to see families have positive birth experiences, there is a pathway for you to come and join our awesome team!

The first step is to gain a BirthWorks International certification in Childbirth Education, or join their Accelerated Doula and Childbirth Educator programme. BirthWorks International will be holding their annual workshops in New Zealand in June 2016, both in the South and North Islands. This is a fantastic opportunity to up skill to a BirthWorks qualification or to begin a new career as a Childbirth Educator. These 3-4 day workshops are life transforming, both professionally and personally, and are a prerequisite to facilitating The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes. Both BirthWorks programmes are able to be started at any time, and are mostly a long distance packages, seeing you well on the way through your qualification before the workshops in June.

To find out more about becoming a BirthWorks Childbirth Educator check out BirthWorks International or Contact Us




A person is more than just a physical being. He or she is also made up of the spiritual and emotional, and is designed to be part of community. So antenatal classes should be catered to all of these parts of a person, or much potential for learning is lost.

This week started with a fantastic night of Hornby antenatal classes, whose group is halfway through their course. It was a really fun night looking at what spiritual, emotional and physical things can provide comfort in labour. The next day we began another awesome course of antenatal classes in Christchurch at the Fendalton Plunket Rooms. 9 beautiful families had the opportunity to get to know each other, express their deepest fears about childbirth, look at the influence of society and media on our beliefs about childbirth, talk about the importance of having a midwife or obstetrician who shares their birth philosophy, and learn about the importance of pregnancy and postnatal exercise.

And now this week is finishing with the last day of our North Canterbury antenatal classes. We are so privileged to have a couple coming with their new baby to share about their experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting. And then BabyCalm will be held in North Canterbury this afternoon. Such a fantastic day ahead!

If you'd like to know more about registering for The Birthing Room's 2016 antenatal classes CLICK HERE

The Birthing Room’s Pathway for an Empowered Birth begins in 2016!

Bloom Birth Photography

Bloom Birth Photography

Check out The Birthing Room's brand new Pathway for an Empowered Birth which begins in 2016!! We now offer an empowered experience for every trimester, meaning expectant families have a village of love and support with them throughout their whole pregnancy journey. From Early Pregnancy Workbooks with The Birth Connection for those who have just found out they are pregnant, to Bringing Tikanga Maori Practice Back to Birth for those who are close to giving birth, there is something for every family! Pathway for an Empowered Birth

If you are currently in your first trimester, now is the time to book your antenatal classes for the beginning of next year. We have classes available in both Christchurch and North Canterbury in February 2016, as well as another Online Antenatal Course so you don't need to miss out if you are living out of Canterbury!
Click here for more information about Antenatal Classes
Click here for more information about Online Antenatal Classes

Also super excited to share with you the great new photography from Bloom Birth Photography showcasing on our website. Thanks Bloom Birth & their amazing families who have so generously shared these precious images!

The MOST exciting week ahead!

Rosemary (10 of 22)

What a privilege it is to wake up everyday and love life. Not only do I have a gorgeous family who have taught and grown me as a person in so many ways, but I also LOVE my job! Today was kicked off by serenity on the beach followed by a run through the forest (body protested profusely after its much quieter winter). Tomorrow is Kiwi Companion visits with parents-to-be, and BUMP antenatal class with The Youth Alive Trust -an utmost privilege to facilitate such a fantastic group of young parents. Wednesday, empowering BirthWorks private sessions. And Thursday -Hello Wellington! It's TAKIAHO HUI A MOTU 2015! 

Jan Wicksteed (The Birth Connection) and I are thrilled to be flying from Christchurch together for the first national hui for Maori childbirth education. This special hui features kaupapa Maori strategies, resources and programmes, and supports student childbirth educators. The 3 day event will include a great range of speakers and forums introducing pioneers of Maori childbirth education and the creators of excellent resources such as Wahine Marohirohi and Talk Cards.

I'm really looking forward to sharing with you the knowledge I will gain, as well as bringing you lots of pics of this fabulous event!

Have a great week! X Rosemary

Gorgeous picture by Bloom Birth Photography. Capturing the precious moments in life since 2012 <3 



Check out this gorgeous breastfeeding slideshow by Bloom Birth Photography! Breastfeeding photography is a fantastic way to celebrate your breastfeeding relationship with your child. The special images in this slideshow are a great demonstration that breastfeeding is about much more than just food. It is an interplay of love between mother and infant.

Bloom Birth Photography is offering an exclusive special in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, so don't miss this wonderful opportunity to capture this memorable part of life's journey!

 Bloom Birth Photography Breastfeeding Slideshow

Empowered Birth


"Birth is much more than a physical experience. Deep-seated feelings and emotions often surface during the highly emotional process of childbirth. Unresolved issues from previous birth experiences or difficult past life events can interfere with labour progress both physically and psychologically... Every woman deserves a positive and empowering birth experience and should make choices best for her to achieve this." -BirthWorks International

(Photo credit: The superbly awesome Bloom Birth Photography)



I'm in tears reading the newest birth stories of The Birthing Room families! The Birthing Room is in the middle of a life transforming movement, which I doubt has been seen in NZ since Jean Sutton turned around her primary birthing unit to a natural birth phenomenon!

Women are coming away from our antenatal classes, and birthing their babies in the most empowering, hard core, Mama warrior way! No matter what the circumstances, they are making awesome informed decisions, trusting their bodies, and feeling on top of the world afterwards. Fathers are finding their voice, being the advocate their partner hoped they would be, and are being fully involved in the birth process of their child. These families are amazing.


The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes

(Special thanks to Bloom Birth Photography and the gorgeous Mama for the beautiful picture)



Are you a parent of preschoolers? Like some encouragement, support & new ideas? We have a TOOLBOX PARENTING GROUP for parents of children aged 0-5yrs coming up in August in PEGASUS (15mins north of Christchurch). The Early Years covers:
• Parent types
• Developmental stages
• Tools for engaging cooperation
• Discipline
• Making memories
• Being the parent your child needs.

$75 per person or $110 per couple for each six week group. Subsidies available. Toolbox courses are free to foster carers, whanau caregivers, adopters, grandparents raising grandchildren, and Home for Life parents thanks to government funding.
Thursday 20 August - Thursday 24 September 2015

Bookings or queries: Rosemary and Dan Joyce, ph: 027 3500 119 or email us

The Parenting Place Early Years Toolbox Group


The Birthing Room & Bloom Birth stand

The Birthing Room & Bloom Birth Photgraphy stand

Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful parents to be at The Christchurch Baby & Child Expo this weekend! Brilliant to see today all of the holistic stands that are on offer to you. Step into The Birthing Room & Bloom Birth Photography stand and begin your experience of empowered birth. Sharon and I would love to chat with you about hot topics such as...

  • birth companions
  • how to make your birth an incredible, joyous event
  • how to increase your chances of having a vaginal, drug free, positive birth
  • how you would like to feel about your birth after it happens
  • positive birth experiences for dads

And if you step in at the right moment you'll also find pregnancy massage (thanks to the NZ College of Massage), empowering birth books for sale, free apples for your children, and go in the draw to win a package from Bloom Birth Photography and The Birthing Room!

See you Saturday or Sunday at The Baby & Child Expo, Pioneer Recreation Centre, 9am-4pm, Christchurch.

xx Rosemary