Intuitive Birth… in Papua New Guinea


Isn't intuitive, natural birthing instinct so interesting? The Royal College of Midwives share in their article "Childbirth Myths Around the World" that "Among the Gadsup of Papua New Guinea, when a woman begins labour, she walks with her mother and aunts for an hour up through the forest to a birthing hut. They believe that the blood from childbirth is so powerful, it could cause illness and even death for the village men. Birth blood mustn’t come anywhere near the men or ‘get into plants or garden roots’ at any time." 

I wonder how much this walk up through the forest would have helped baby descend? I'm sure it would have really helped labour kick off! It would have also given the labouring mother a chance to talk alone with her mother and aunts, and for them to encourage her in her task ahead. Interesting!

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