The Birthing Room seeks to empower parents through evidence-based education about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Our Online Antenatal Classes, Birth Doula Service, Events & Workshops promote positive childbirth experiences. We also facilitate The Parenting Place: Toolbox Parenting Groups, helping families laugh, learn and grow together.

Rosemary Joyce, owner and operator of The Birthing Room, is a nurse, BirthWorks International childbirth educator and doula. As Rosemary and her husband Daniel journeyed through four vastly different birth experiences, they realised there was a lack of empowering antenatal education tailor made for New Zealand families. They developed a passion for making evidence-based information available to all expectant families in an easy to understand and access format. From the early days where just a handful of couples attended The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes and had incredible, empowered birth experiences, The Birthing Room has now grown to a nationwide service. Our team feels extremely privileged to be making a difference in the lives of families throughout New Zealand and overseas.
It is The Birthing Room's philosophy that childbirth is a normal, special part of family life. We believe every birth is unique, and that the knowledge of how to birth her baby resides inside every woman. We love to see parents surrounded with love and support during their pregnancy and birth, feeling empowered to make informed decisions, and having positive birth experiences. To find out how The Birthing Room can best support you in your journey click on the following links, or contact info@thebirthingroom.co.nz

Antenatal Classes

The Birthing Room Online Antenatal Courses are empowering, holistic and transforming. The are designed to increase self confidence and trust and faith in a woman's ability to give birth, and equip your family with helpful tips and tricks for parenting.

Parenting Classes

The Parenting Place: Toolbox Parenting Groups offer practical strategies, inspiration, encouragement and insight for parents of
children young and old. Whether you are parenting alone or with a partner, are a grandparent, or a blended or foster family, Toolbox has something for you.

Birth Doula Service

Our Birth Doula Service offers birthing families in the Kaikōura District continuous emotional, physical and practical support/companionship during their baby's birth. Ideal for those who would like a support person at their birth, but don't have a family member or friend suitable, or those who have experienced previous birth trauma.


Check out our events page to see what workshops are coming up in your area.


The Birthing Room upholds The New Zealand Nursing Council Code of Conduct, which is based on the values of respect, trust, partnership & integrity. If you are not happy with the service we have provided, or would like to place any feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.

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