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The Birthing Room

The Birthing Room seeks to empower parents through evidence-based education about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

The Birthing Room News Feed:

BirthWorks November Classes

BirthWorks November Classes began today with a stroll through the ‘Contemplative garden’. AMAZING parents, amazing venue, and amazing to begin the journey of healing and working towards positive birth experiences. The day ended with a great walk around the quarry with my family (baby in the Hop-Tie & toddler on the shoulders!) hunting for wolves & bears. All-in-all a wonderful day.

What if things don’t go the way you planned or a complication arises…? It was 3 years ago today The Birthing Room’s 1st breech VBAC baby was born! Every birth is unique, & if challenges arise you take your birth philosophy with you & keep¬†making the best informed decisions you can at the time, with the information you have. What more can you ask of yourself than that? And sometimes, the unexpected turns out to be one of the best moments of your life…Breech baby

Home Birth Awareness Week

Here at The Birthing Room we love informed choice! In NZ you can CHOOSE where to give birth, and we have great options. Did you know studies of home birth show great outcomes? These 2 studies show low rates of adverse outcomes & intervention, and high rates of good health, breastfeeding & mother satisfaction with care. The researchers concluded this should add confidence to the safety of home birth.



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