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Optimal Cord Clamping & Care of the Placenta

Out now! The Birthing Room's FREE mini course "Optimal Cord Clamping & Care of the Placenta". This is such an important topic, we are GIVING AWAY this course so that no family misses out. This quick course is an essential piece of knowledge for all expectant families because:

  1. It will help your family make informed decisions about your birth
  2. Having control over decision making helps you have a more positive birth experience
  3. Optimal cord clamping improves newborn outcomes

This course is suitable to do at any stage of pregnancy. So what are you waiting for? Enroll today!

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Class giveaway

Many parents find they come away from their first birth experience with their hopes and dreams shattered, with feelings of failure, despair and disappointment. Here at The Birthing Room, we believe this should be a rare event as birth is meant to be challenging, yes, but also empowering, incredible, intuitive, bonding, and... HEALING!

We believe this SO much that we have given away a spot in each of our February Canterbury antenatal classes to three families having another baby, so they can experience the healing and empowerment themselves! The lucky winners are:

  1. Elizabeth Bowen -North Canterbury Antenatal Classes Feb 11th-March 17th
  2. Isabel Foster -Christchurch Antenatal Classes Feb 3rd-March 9th
  3. Casey & Adam Curtis -Christchurch Antenatal Classes Feb 20th-March 12th

If you are one of our lucky winners, please email The Birthing Room within 10 days to claim your prize. contact us here

If you have missed out this time around, don't despair... Our March antenatal class give away is just around the corner!



I'm in tears reading the newest birth stories of The Birthing Room families! The Birthing Room is in the middle of a life transforming movement, which I doubt has been seen in NZ since Jean Sutton turned around her primary birthing unit to a natural birth phenomenon!

Women are coming away from our antenatal classes, and birthing their babies in the most empowering, hard core, Mama warrior way! No matter what the circumstances, they are making awesome informed decisions, trusting their bodies, and feeling on top of the world afterwards. Fathers are finding their voice, being the advocate their partner hoped they would be, and are being fully involved in the birth process of their child. These families are amazing.


The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes

(Special thanks to Bloom Birth Photography and the gorgeous Mama for the beautiful picture)

Antenatal Classes Begin Soon!

Only one week to go until The Birthing Room's next Antenatal Class begins! A unique journey of BirthWorks and BabyCalm, this course helps parents-to-be prepare for birth and parenting with confidence. Key topics include active labour and birth techniques, understanding and decreasing fear in birth, grieving and healing previous birth trauma, understanding and intuitively caring for your newborn, and so much more! Can be done before or during pregnancy. The Birthing Room's first class for 2015 will begin in February, so be in quick to register your place in this boutique antenatal class! BirthWorks: $180/BabyCalm $20 The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes


Have you had a negative birth experience & are hoping for a different birth this time around? Or perhaps you know someone who is pregnant with their first child & want to see them going into birth without fear? Now is the time to register for The Birthing Room's Oct/Nov Antenatal Classes! A combo of BirthWorks & BabyCalm -a comprehensive journey that helps you prepare emotionally, spiritually & physically for birth & parenting. (Classes available in Christchurch; Online classes worldwide)
To register: Contact Us
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Bringing you the latest research, once again!

Exciting times ahead for The Birthing Room & all our pregnant Mamas! Have just had a meeting with amazing woman The Sling Lady discussing how BirthWorks & BabyCalm will be bringing you cutting edge evidence-based antenatal education in 2014… Watch this space! (FIY- Stevies Cafe in Halswell Chch do a great dairy-free hot choc, have cute wee booster seats on their chairs for toddlers, have a toy box, & don’t mind at all if you bust out a bit of boobie for a small child. Nice one Stevies!)


Congratulations Parents-To-Be

Congratulations to the latest graduates of The Birthing Room’s BirthWorks Classes! We finished the course today looking at how relationships, beliefs, medical intervention & obstetrical drugs effect birth, & a scrumptious morning tea. Love the feedback today “…we’ve both got a lot out of the course & will happily recommend it to others.”

To find out about the next BirthWorks course email info@thebirthingroom.co.nz


What a week ahead…

What a brilliant week! Started yesterday with a beautiful blessing way for a Mama to be. Tonight in the Toolbox Parenting Group we are learning about respectful parenting & how to use phrases like “I like the way you put your shoes on all by yourself” instead of “good girl/boy”. Throughout the week many Doula appointments with Mums and Dads to be, and topped off by antenatal class on Saturday! #ChangingLivesaDayataTime #BestJobEva #ILoveMyLife

BirthWorks Class

BirthWorks Class Saturday mornings (4 weeks: 16hrs of BirthWorks class time).

Covers all BirthWorks topics.