Common Plastics Chemical Linked to Premature Birth

Are you aware of the link between plastic, food & premature birth? This research article reinforces the importance of choosing fresh food in pregnancy. But phthalathes are not only in your food… read on & be informed!



Antenatal Classes Begin Today

BirthWorks six week Antenatal Class kicks off in Halswell tonight! Really looking forward to working with the awesome bunch of Mums and Dads to-be that are coming along. Very interesting interactive class exploring birth philosophies, feelings and fears, exercise & human values is on the agenda tonight. Plan for this morning: a touch of vacuuming, and baking a chocolate drenched raspberry cake… yum!

Birth Videos: The good, the bad, and the 80’s…

Birth Videos… they can build you up or tear you down! The classic 1980’s video with cartoon t-shirts & big glasses worn by all, while the woman has a ‘natural birth’ in stirrups, sucking on a big black mask of gas, and baby who has immediate cord cutting… has been known to scare many a couple away from their antenatal class for a couple of weeks if not all together. HOWEVER -the right clip can empower people to see what normal birth is and how different childbirth is to what is portrayed by the media. Looking forward to having an awesome one in our next antenatal class!


Doula Birth Companion… Yes Please!

Have you considered having a Doula Birth Companion at your birth? I believe we are very fortunate to have an awesome midwifery system in NZ, & a Doula complements the continuity of care & support provided by your midwife very well. We do everything from putting money in the meter so partner & midwife don’t have to leave your side, to fill you with love & oxytocin (the real stuff!) during every contraction. We’ll even support you through early labour if you’d like us to, freeing up your midwife to attend to her other clients until you need her. The Birthing Room has vacancies for women expecting in May & July. Get in touch & see how we can support you to have a positive birth experience.

Pregnant or Parent? Find out what’s coming up at The Birthing Room!

Exciting events coming up at The Birthing Room! February BirthWorks Antenatal Classes begin next week, March BirthWorks Antenatal Classes on March 1st, & a one day BirthWorks Antenatal Workshop on April 12th.

The Parenting Place Toolbox Parenting Group for parents of children aged 0-6years kicks off on February 24th. If you would like to participate in an empowering, evidence-based course as expectant parents, or parents of preschoolers contact for more info.


Baby Massage Classes in Rolleston

What is an excellent way to fill you and your baby with oxytocin? The LOVE hormone which leads to a state of calm & connection, bonding & optimises digestion? Why, BABY MASSAGE of course! Check out Leanne Hunter’s new Rolleston Baby Massage facebook page (guest speaker at The Birthing Room’s 2013 Postnatal Workshop). Classes available in Rolleston during the week, and Christchurch on Saturdays.

The Link Between Parenting and Breastfeeding

If birth is instinctive, surely our parental instincts will also serve us well? The way we parent our newborn babies has a direct link to breastfeeding success. So trust your motherly instincts!

skin to skin benefits breastfeeding

Milk Bank Opens in Christchurch

A big round of applause to the team who have worked so hard getting the milk bank in Christchurch up and running. They had their opening ceremony on February 4th. Initially the milk bank will be utilised for infants in the neonatal unit, before becoming available to others.

milk bank

New Mama!

Congratulations to the INCREDIBLE woman who added a baby boy to their tribe today. May your evening be filled with the most delicious cuddles as you snuggle in together. I’m so proud of you!


BirthWorks Antenatal Workshop

A fabulous one day BirthWorks Antenatal Workshop today with the most gorgeous parents-to-be.

As promised, here is the recipe for the Most Raspberry Cake from the Petite Kitchen. (Yes, that was the winner!). It is AMAZING!! If you are interested in registering for the next one day BirthWorks Antenatal Workshop in April, be in quick, the class is already half full. Contact

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