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To enter send The Birthing Room a photo of you exercising. BE CREATIVE -babywearing, swimming, running, walking, at a Wheelie Fit Mums class, bicycling etc. The choice is yours! Post a pic on our fb page or email to

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“Big baby”??

“If my baby is ‘big’ should I plan to have an early induction?…”

This article follows on beautifully from Jean Sutton’s Optimal Foetal Positioning.

A wee side note to inspire you – A good friend of mine gave birth to her 10lb 40z baby at home without a stitch. She was able to ‘let go’, trust her body had what it takes, and let her instincts guide her. AND HER BODY KNEW WHAT TO DO. So, keep the faith. xx

Could your baby be too big to be born? Pelvis too small?


Here is a great write up on the optimal foetal positioning we learn about in BirthWorks Classes, and what you can do to give your baby lots of room to be born. Also a wonderful YouTube clip from Samantha Thurlby-Brooks of Joyful Childbirth Auckland demonstrating the principles.


This weeks events..!

Fantastic week!!

Such an interesting night on Wednesday watching ‘A Breech in the System’ & hearing from Megan Platt of Petite Feet about her birth experiences. And today, an awesome workshop for mothers of new babies featuring interactive sessions from Beckie Carter of LifeFoods, Leanne Hunter Baby Massage teacher & Corinne Rooney The Sling Lady.

A big thank you to all our amazing speakers & women who participated, I hope you’ve come away with lots to think about & hopefully to put into action. Look out for more workshops in the new year!


Super exciting week! DOCO & DISCUSSION NIGHT on Wed, helping women to be empowered making informed birthing choices when things deviate from how they planned, & the NEW BABY WORKSHOP on Thurs, with guest speakers on babywearing, baby massage & awesome food. It’s not too late to register for either event! See for more info & share this post to give others the opportunity to come.

New Baby!

CONGRATULATIONS to the amazing woman who gave birth today!
We have all gone about our lives today, but in one precious home time stood still while a miracle happened & changed the lives around him forever. birth2

Part l: How to help your children prepare for the new arrival

How do you prepare your other children for the arrival of a new baby? Will you have them at the birth, or have them looked after by someone? How will they adjust to being a big sister or brother? This is the first of a 2 part series on ‘How to help your children prepare for the new arrival’… Did you do any of the things in this article?


Child Wellness

How do you keep your kids well? Raised antibody levels do not determine if your child gets the bug or not; ‘IMMUNITY’ has to do with the strength of the ‘IMMUNE SYSTEM’! This is strengthened by breastfeeding, exercise, eating healthy food, receiving and giving love etc. What things do you do to help your children stay well & healthy?

Child Wellness