Attending a group antenatal class over many weeks is difficult for a lot of New Zealand parents to be. These classes are often not tailored to suit working parents to be with busy schedules, those who are expecting another baby, single mums, high profile New Zealanders, immigrants, or those with transport issues. That's why The Birthing Room Private Antenatal Sessions are tailored to offer more than your regular antenatal course.

We offer:

  • Individualised sessions that can be done in the comfort of your own home, at our North Canterbury base, or via Skype/Google Hangouts.
  • The opportunity to do Private Antenatal Sessions on your own, as a couple, or with your whānau (family). This means that whoever you are choosing to support you during your birth and afterwards can attend with you so you share the same knowledge.
  • The choice of topics ranging from conception to care of baby. Specific topics for your situation can also be chosen, such as multiple birth or pregnancy diabetes. This ensures you are only covering the topics which are relevant to you.

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A person is more than just a physical being. He or she is also made up of the spiritual and emotional, and is designed to be part of community. So antenatal classes should be catered to all of these parts of a person, or much potential for learning is lost.

This week started with a fantastic night of Hornby antenatal classes, whose group is halfway through their course. It was a really fun night looking at what spiritual, emotional and physical things can provide comfort in labour. The next day we began another awesome course of antenatal classes in Christchurch at the Fendalton Plunket Rooms. 9 beautiful families had the opportunity to get to know each other, express their deepest fears about childbirth, look at the influence of society and media on our beliefs about childbirth, talk about the importance of having a midwife or obstetrician who shares their birth philosophy, and learn about the importance of pregnancy and postnatal exercise.

And now this week is finishing with the last day of our North Canterbury antenatal classes. We are so privileged to have a couple coming with their new baby to share about their experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting. And then BabyCalm will be held in North Canterbury this afternoon. Such a fantastic day ahead!

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Quality antenatal education for North Canterbury parents to be

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This month will see one of New Zealand's top antenatal classes begin in North Canterbury for the second time this year. The Birthing Room's Antenatal Classes, which are a combination of BirthWorks and BabyCalm, will start in Pegasus on Saturday May 23rd. The Birthing Room's classes help expectant parents build confidence in both their ability to instinctively give birth, and to parent their newborn. The classes are holistic in nature, as birth and parenting preparation is so much more than understanding the physical process.

The Birthing Room has been running antenatal classes since 2013, and has held a 0% caesarean rate for all antenatal class participants and kiwi companion clients for 7 months now. This is in stark contrast with New Zealand's ever increasing rates of intervention, with caesareans rising from 9.6% of births in 1983/84 to 23.1% in 2003 and the rate is still climbing (Kiwi Families, 2012).

Key topics of The Birthing Room's antenatal classes include:

  • Active labour and birth
  • Using your primal brain during birth -the part of you that instinctively knows how to birth your baby
  • Fears, hopes and dreams
  • Choosing your birth place and team
  • Making informed decisions about medical intervention and obstetric drugs
  • Grieving and healing childbirth related losses
  • Pelvic body work and optimal foetal positioning
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Breastfeeding self efficacy
  • Womb to world -identifying your newborn's needs
  • A toolbox of strategies to help settle your baby

The Birthing Room's antenatal classes are fantastic to do at any stage of pregnancy, but the earlier one can take them the more time they'll have to integrate information into their birth planning and health and wellness. The classes are great for first time parents, those who have experienced previous birth trauma and are planning another birth, or families who would just like a more positive birth experience next time around. Cost: $190 BirthWorks; $30 BabyCalm.

Being only 15mins drive from Belfast, Christchurch, The Birthing Room's North Canterbury antenatal classes are also perfect for anyone living on the north side of Christchurch. For more information Contact Us

Special thanks to Bloom Birth Photography for the photograph, and the beautiful families who have shared these precious moments with us.

The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes Begin in North Canterbury

I am very excited to announce that as of 2015 The Birthing Room's Antenatal Classes will also be offered in North Canterbury! Mothers and Fathers-to-be in Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Woodend, Pegasus, Leithfield, Amberley, Ohoka, Oxford and surrounding areas now have the opportunity to be part of our world-leading antenatal education.

Our boutique antenatal classes are compromised of two parts:
-BirthWorks: A special journey helping women (and their partners) have more trust and faith in their innate ability to give birth. Teaches pelvic bodywork and optimal foetal positioning, helping baby to be in a great position for birth. Provides an opportunity for expectant parents who have had previous birth trauma to grieve and begin healing, helping facilitate a positive birth experience next time around.
-BabyCalm: A three hour session empowering parents-to-be with information and skills to begin their parenting journey with confidence.

The Birthing Room's first North Canterbury Antenatal Class will begin in Pegasus, on Tuesday February 3rd 2015.
Christchurch City Antenatal Classes will continue as per usual, with the first class for 2015 beginning on Saturday February 21st.

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