Attending a group antenatal class over many weeks is difficult for a lot of New Zealand parents to be. These classes are often not tailored to suit working parents to be with busy schedules, those who are expecting another baby, single mums, high profile New Zealanders, immigrants, or those with transport issues. That's why The Birthing Room Private Antenatal Sessions are tailored to offer more than your regular antenatal course.

We offer:

  • Individualised sessions that can be done in the comfort of your own home, at our North Canterbury base, or via Skype/Google Hangouts.
  • The opportunity to do Private Antenatal Sessions on your own, as a couple, or with your whānau (family). This means that whoever you are choosing to support you during your birth and afterwards can attend with you so you share the same knowledge.
  • The choice of topics ranging from conception to care of baby. Specific topics for your situation can also be chosen, such as multiple birth or pregnancy diabetes. This ensures you are only covering the topics which are relevant to you.

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New Zealand Childbirth Educators Needed!

New Zealand Antenatal Classes

New Zealand Antenatal Classes

Empowered birth: Does this light a fire of passion in you? The Birthing Room is looking for new Childbirth Educators to join their team. Could this be you?? Whether you are already a CBE or midwife, or just someone who loves to see families have positive birth experiences, there is a pathway for you to come and join our awesome team!

The first step is to gain a BirthWorks International certification in Childbirth Education, or join their Accelerated Doula and Childbirth Educator programme. BirthWorks International will be holding their annual workshops in New Zealand in June 2016, both in the South and North Islands. This is a fantastic opportunity to up skill to a BirthWorks qualification or to begin a new career as a Childbirth Educator. These 3-4 day workshops are life transforming, both professionally and personally, and are a prerequisite to facilitating The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes. Both BirthWorks programmes are able to be started at any time, and are mostly a long distance packages, seeing you well on the way through your qualification before the workshops in June.

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New Childbirth Book!

Wow, this is amazing! Check out this preview chapter of "Bump: how to make, grow & birth a baby". With gorgeous illustrations, the book sings of Dr Sarah Buckley, which is no surprise when you see the references. Wonderful to see science in pictures. This cartoon chapter is way better, more accurate & more inspiring than most births you'd ever see on t.v! What do you think? The Flood of Love

The Birthing Room Doco & Discussion Evening

Do you believe every woman has the right to choose how, where & with whom she gives birth? Join The Birthing Room for an empowering evening where we’ll watch the doco “The Face of Birth” & discuss the rights of birthing women.

Cost: Donation
-All proceeds will go towards stopping the human trafficking of our fellow women & daughters -our sisterhood!
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Places are limited. To obtain a ticket email
Location: South-West Christchurch

Off to Auckland I go…

Was my privilege to attend Dr Sarah Buckley’s Undisturbed Birth Conference in Auckland on Friday. The key point: A birthing woman should feel “PRIVATE” “SAFE” AND “UNOBSERVED”. Fantastic to learn all about the role of the birth hormone cocktail and the impact these have on labour, birth & postpartum. Looking forward to incorporating this knowledge into The Birthing Room’s antenatal classes & workshops, so you are brought the latest evidence-based research. Was up from 3am until midnight, but hey, I think you are worth the effort! sarah buckley conference1

sarah buckley conference2

Pregnant? Want to develop more trust & faith in your body’s ability to give birth?

The last registrations are available for the April BirthWorks Antenatal Workshop now! A condensed version of The Birthing Room BirthWorks Antenatal Course, tailored to suit your individual needs. Key topics include optimal foetal positioning, comfort measures in birth, informed decision making about medical intervention & obstetrical drugs, and much more!

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New Baby!

Congratulations to the amazing Mama who gave birth to her baby at home last week! Can’t think of a better way to have spent Children’s Day on Sunday, than celebrating with a new sibling! Well done gorgeous family.