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For every antenatal course in 2016, The Birthing Room is giving away one place to those having another baby!

Are you expecting another baby in 2016? In New Zealand the sad reality is that many people have experienced a birth that left them feeling disappointed, disrespected, with lack of confidence in their body, and with physical or emotional hurt. Both Mum and Dad can be left feeling traumatised. The Birthing Room believes that everyone is entitled to a birth that makes them feel empowered, respected, loved, confident, and listened to. And this does not depend on whether or not everything went smoothly. So we'd like to give more people an opportunity to have an empowered birth!

To receive a chance to win your place in one of The Birthing Room's antenatal courses in 2016, all you need to do is comment on our Facebook competition, by writing which upcoming antenatal class you'd like to be a part of. It's that easy! The Birthing Room Facebook Page Please share our Facebook competition with your friends and family who are expecting, and help them also have a positive birth experience.

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Terms and conditions of entry

The Birthing Room will be giving away one place in each of The Birthing Room's BirthWorks antenatal courses in 2016. This includes both Canterbury and North Canterbury courses.

The prize applies to BirthWorks only. It does not include BabyCalm, or The Birthing Room workshops or conferences.

Entries are limited to those who are expecting another baby. This includes families who have had a baby over 20wks of pregnancy who has passed away and do not have any other children.

To enter you must be a resident in Canterbury, or willing to make your own way to the course. The prize does not include flights, accommodation, or travel costs.

The prize is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be transferred to another person. The prize is not transferable to another antenatal course with The Birthing Room, it will apply to the course won only.

The prize winner's name and photograph, and that of their partner can be used on The Birthing Room website and in their newsletters for promotional and advertising purposes, only in relation to the competition won.

The prize must be claimed by the winner within 10 days of announcement, or the prize winner will be redrawn. The winner will be announced on both Facebook and The Birthing Room's website.

Good luck!


New Zealand Childbirth Educators Needed!

New Zealand Antenatal Classes

New Zealand Antenatal Classes

Empowered birth: Does this light a fire of passion in you? The Birthing Room is looking for new Childbirth Educators to join their team. Could this be you?? Whether you are already a CBE or midwife, or just someone who loves to see families have positive birth experiences, there is a pathway for you to come and join our awesome team!

The first step is to gain a BirthWorks International certification in Childbirth Education, or join their Accelerated Doula and Childbirth Educator programme. BirthWorks International will be holding their annual workshops in New Zealand in June 2016, both in the South and North Islands. This is a fantastic opportunity to up skill to a BirthWorks qualification or to begin a new career as a Childbirth Educator. These 3-4 day workshops are life transforming, both professionally and personally, and are a prerequisite to facilitating The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes. Both BirthWorks programmes are able to be started at any time, and are mostly a long distance packages, seeing you well on the way through your qualification before the workshops in June.

To find out more about becoming a BirthWorks Childbirth Educator check out BirthWorks International or Contact Us



If you are passionate about empowering birthing families and seeing women have positive birth experiences, then this is the course for you! BirthWorks International will be holding their first New Zealand Accelerated Childbirth Educator and Doula Workshop (ACED) in June 2015, and there are still places left. This is the first step in the BirthWorks ACED training programme for childbirth educators and doulas (kiwi companions).

BirthWorks is a unique type of childbirth preparation that helps expectant families develop more trust and faith in their intuitive ability to birth their baby. BirthWorks is making massive waves in New Zealand, with family after family having an incredible birth experience after choosing to do their antenatal education in a BirthWorks class. Current New Zealand providers of BirthWorks include The Birthing Room and Birth Circle. More educators and kiwi companions are needed around the country, so if this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, don’t miss out!

The South Island ACED workshop runs from June 21st-24th in the beautiful new township of Pegasus, only 15mins north of Christchurch. Special additional features of the holistic workshop include beautiful food, life long friendships, making connections with others in the antenatal education industry, and The Birthing Room and Birth Connection event The Revolutionary Round Table on June 20th.

To find out more about becoming a BirthWorks Childbirth Educator and Doula, and their upcoming NZ events click here.

If you need assistance with finding accommodation or travel for the BirthWorks workshop please contact The Birthing Room by clicking here



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Let me tell you a story about Sam. You may know her. Maybe you are her. She is the Mum I meet for coffee. My hairdresser. My aunty. The brand new Mum I see on facebook with a drip in her hand and her baby in a plastic cot. She is who I meet everyday…
Sam is the amazing woman who in a group setting jokes her baby was too big to get out. “A monster of a baby!” she laughs. Everyone laughs and agrees with her. On the outside is humour. On the inside pain and disappointment. She believes her pelvis was too small and her baby too big for her to birth her baby.
But let’s unpack Sam’s story a little bit. SAM stands for Scared or Sadness About Myself. Typically there are three parts to Sam’s story:

Before she was pregnant:
Going into pregnancy Sam believes her body has failed her. Maybe she has been sexually abused. Maybe she experienced infertility. Maybe she tried for a long time to lose weight, but didn’t. Maybe she experienced terrible period pain. Maybe she had previous health issues. Maybe she had a miscarriage. In her mind, her body does not work for her.
Sam gets pregnant and this pregnancy processes: Her body of course is amazing and is carefully, masterly piecing together her infant day by day without Sam even having to think about it. But in Sam’s mind is a different story. In her conscious or subconscious mind is the abuse, her dislike for her body, her miscarriage. She carefully chooses her birth place and team based upon her history and negative self belief. She will choose the place where interventions are the quickest, as she has a gut feeling that birth will not go smoothly. After all, her body does not work for her. She will choose a birth team who will be skillful in intervening, so that they will do interventions to the best of their ability. She has many scans to help allay her fears of something going wrong. But these set out to do the very thing she was trying to alleviate. Innocently made comments such as “You’re baby is very big for your gestation” and “There may be something wrong with your baby but I can’t get a clear picture. Come back in a couple of weeks so we can have another look.” reinforce her belief that her body does not work for her. She comes away feeling anxious and afraid. The clincher is when she has an appointment with her care provider and hears “I think your pelvis is too small to birth your large baby.” She agrees to an induction before her due date to prevent her birthing the 15lb baby her mind has created.

During the birth:
It is far worse than her mind ever believed possible. Intervention after intervention occurs as she labours on the bed. Although not physically tied down, she is restrained by the electrical foetal monitoring, the IV drip, the medication, the pain. Bright lights, noise, direct questions and fear make it impossible for her to enter her primal brain, the part of Sam that knows instinctively how to give birth. She feels disempowered, out of control, a failure. Really she is a warrior, an Amazon woman. At every point through her pregnancy she has made the best decision she could with the information she had. At every point she has thought of and made decisions based on her or her infant’s survival. But she will never know how amazing she is. Finally her baby is born. She is told that medicine saved her baby. This reinforces her belief in her choice of birth place, her birth team, and her negative self belief. In her mind, her pelvis was too small to birth her baby.
At every point of Sam’s journey were options that would have changed her story. (See below for some top tips) Without a deviation in her life story, Sam may well go onto hold the belief that her body does not work for her for the rest of her life…

Before pregnancy:
Get counseling to help you work through issues that will impact on your birth.
Develop self esteem. You are precious, smart, valuable and loved. Affirm yourself.
Do research about the impact of birth teams, birth places and environment on the birth process. Read books that empower you and increase your trust and faith in birth.

During pregnancy:
Choose a care provider that believes in the ability of a woman to birth her baby.
Choose a place of birth where you feel most safe and secure. That is where you will labour and birth the best.
Surround yourself with people who believe in your ability to birth your baby. Listen to positive birth stories. Challenge any negative self belief you hold.
Attend a BirthWorks course.
Grieve and heal previous childbirth related losses.

During birth:
Create an environment conducive to natural birth.
Make informed decisions about medical intervention and obstetric drugs.
Use optimal foetal positioning to create lots of space in your pelvis for baby to be born.
Choose a kiwi companion to be present with you, or a mother, sister or close friend who believes in your ability to birth your baby.

To find out more about BirthWorks courses click here
If you would like to find out more about how a Kiwi Companion can help your birth click here


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Are you passionate about seeing New Zealand families have positive birth experiences? Does talking about empowered birth make your heart beat faster and light a fire within you? Now is your opportunity to be part of a powerful movement, that is seeing more amazing births and decreased caesareans and birth interventions around the country, whilst bringing like minded people together. IT'S BIRTHWORKS!

BirthWorks International is having their first Accelerated Childbirth Educator and Doula (ACED) Workshop in Christchurch very soon, followed by a Childbirth Educator Workshop in Auckland. You have the option of attending the workshop to begin your career as a BirthWorks Childbirth Educator or BirthWorks Doula, or can simply attend the workshop for continuing education purposes. The workshop is open to:

  • Those interested in a career
  • CBEs or Doulas
  • Midwives
  • Midwifery students
  • Breastfeeding supporters and peer counsellors interested in birth support and education
  • Chiropractors working with pregnant women
  • Registered and enrolled nurses
  • Well Child nurses

Registrations need to be in asap, so don't delay! To find out more information, CONTACT US

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Expecting a baby this year? Now is your chance to be part of a life changing journey that builds confidence in a woman's ability to give birth, gives families the tools to make informed decisions, provides opportunity for grieving & healing previous birth trauma, & equips you for life with a newborn! The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes are a unique combination of BirthWorks and BabyCalm, bringing you top quality, boutique education.*

No matter where in NZ or around the world you are, there is an option for you. Register your place in The Birthing Room's Antenatal Classes today! Antenatal Classes

*Online classes & private sessions offer BirthWorks only


BIRTHWORKS has arrived in Dunedin! As a special introductory offer, Birth Circle is offering a huge $100 off their first BirthWorks Antenatal Classes. Please share on your facebook page and with your friends about Birth Circle, and give Otago Mums the opportunity to be part of the BirthWorks journey, helping them develop more trust and faith in their body's ability to give birth. Birth Circle BirthWorks Antenatal Classes


Have you had a negative birth experience & are hoping for a different birth this time around? Or perhaps you know someone who is pregnant with their first child & want to see them going into birth without fear? Now is the time to register for The Birthing Room's Oct/Nov Antenatal Classes! A combo of BirthWorks & BabyCalm -a comprehensive journey that helps you prepare emotionally, spiritually & physically for birth & parenting. (Classes available in Christchurch; Online classes worldwide)
To register: Contact Us
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LOOKING FOR QUALITY BIRTHWORKS ANTENATAL EDUCATION but not in Christchurch? Perhaps you are a pregnant kiwi ex-pat living abroad. Or maybe you have babysitting or transportation issues? WELL YOU NO LONGER MISS OUT! Now is the time to register for your BirthWorks Online Antenatal Class. Great to do before or in any stage of pregnancy. Key topics include being an active birthing legend -both physically and mentally; breastfeeding, nutrition, medical intervention and making informed decisions, healing from previous birth trauma, and so much more! SHARE this blog post with your pregnant friends within NZ and overseas, and lets see a new generation of women giving birth without fear! Online Antenatal Classes
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Optimal Foetal Positioning at the LLL Breast Start Study Day

I have had the most fun presenting at the LLL Breast Start Study Day today! What a privilege it was to empower women with knowledge about Optimal Foetal & Pelvic Positioning for their up and coming birth experiences. I learnt really interesting information about breastfeeding in relation to reaching UN Millennium Development Goals, thanks to Carol Bartle. I'm really looking forward to passing awesome Elimination Communication information on to you all -Dr Kelly Dombroski's presentation was SO interesting! And it was so crucial to have a father's voice during the study day (Brendon Smith, Father & Child Trust). But the best thing of this wonderful day, was the opportunity to meet so many of YOU! Thank you for sharing about you birth experiences, your children, your hopes and fears. So special.