Birth Matters… for the rest of your baby’s life


Did you know that the process during birth, what happens in the first hour after birth, and then how you feed your baby for their first years can set them up for disease prevention for the rest of their life? Birth appears to be set up as one giant 'inoculation'! So what happens to the infant who had human intervention during their arrival?

Microbirth School (founders of One World Birth, and the film Microbirth) have released a FREE webinar which explores the process of 'seeding' the microbiome at birth, and the implications of human intervention. Available until Tuesday, this is a must see for any pregnant family, or health professional working in the maternity sector.

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How precious is your daughter to you? Did you know that every 40mins a girl from Nepal is trafficked to India? She is somebody's daughter, a sister, a friend. A person of value & somebody who matters. That is approx 13,000 girls/year!
As part of The Birthing Room's Christchurch Première of MICROBIRTH we will be having a raffle, raising money to stop human trafficking. Get your MICROBIRTH ticket, have a great night out, and bring freedom to somebody's daughter! Alternatively, if you would like to donate something towards our raffle, please email
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