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New year 2018

2018 is set to be the best year yet to have a baby in New Zealand with the release of The Birthing Room's Online Antenatal Classes! If your family is expecting a baby in 2018 be sure to subscribe to our database so you receive special pre-release deals! To subscribe click here



Have you had a negative birth experience & are hoping for a different birth this time around? Or perhaps you know someone who is pregnant with their first child & want to see them going into birth without fear? Now is the time to register for The Birthing Room's Oct/Nov Antenatal Classes! A combo of BirthWorks & BabyCalm -a comprehensive journey that helps you prepare emotionally, spiritually & physically for birth & parenting. (Classes available in Christchurch; Online classes worldwide)
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LOOKING FOR QUALITY BIRTHWORKS ANTENATAL EDUCATION but not in Christchurch? Perhaps you are a pregnant kiwi ex-pat living abroad. Or maybe you have babysitting or transportation issues? WELL YOU NO LONGER MISS OUT! Now is the time to register for your BirthWorks Online Antenatal Class. Great to do before or in any stage of pregnancy. Key topics include being an active birthing legend -both physically and mentally; breastfeeding, nutrition, medical intervention and making informed decisions, healing from previous birth trauma, and so much more! SHARE this blog post with your pregnant friends within NZ and overseas, and lets see a new generation of women giving birth without fear! Online Antenatal Classes
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Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now is the time to begin The Birthing Room’s Pathway for an Empowered Birth…


Pregnancy is such an exciting time of growth and change. Making informed choices about nutrition, exercise, emotional health and birth planning can have incredibly positive impact on your birth experience.  This all begins with having the right information and the right tools to make informed decisions. No matter where your pregnancy journey has taken you so far, our individualised pregnancy antenatal education options will help the arrival of your little one be more empowered, unique and positive.

  • The Birthing Room Antenatal Classes

    • Enrollments open soon!
    • A holistic, unique, online programme unlike any other
    • Provides support and education for expectant families from their first trimester right through to the end of baby's first 3 months after birth
    • Connect with other expectant families in your local area
    • Eliminates the need for transport
    • Ensures those living in rural areas, those who work shift work, couples living in different cities, or hospitalised Mama's still have access to world class antenatal education
    • Live Q & A sessions and social media forums to ensure all of your questions about pregnancy and parenting are answered as they come up
    • Hear first hand experiences from families who have walked the journey ahead of you
    • Only $40 for 12 months of education!!
    • Receive a bonus FREE online mini course 'Optimal Cord Clamping & Care of the Placenta'
    • By subscribing to our mailing list you'll be the first to hear of course release dates and topics. You'll also receive free pre-release course material!

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  • Book The Birthing Room's Private Antenatal Sessions

    • Individualised sessions that can be done in the comfort of your own home via Skype/Google Hangouts.
    • Sessions can be done on your own, as a couple, or with your whānau (family). This means whoever you are choosing to support you during your birth and afterwards can attend with you, ensuring you all hold the same knowledge.
    • The choice of topics is yours! You have the option to pick and choose from the range of topics offered, as well as adding in any of your own. This means that topics that are relevant to your situation such as multiple birth, or pregnancy diabetes can easily be part of your antenatal education.
    • Because of the flexibility available with individualised sessions they can be tailored to meet the needs of any people who would usually miss out on antenatal education. These include high profile New Zealanders, parents-to-be with busy work schedules, immigrants, families with transport issues including families in rural areas, teen parents-t0-be, mums-t0-be in hospital, those with other children, and those with previous birth trauma.
    • Can be done as a world class education course on its own, or in conjunction with attending a group course elsewhere.
    • Cost: $60/hr via Skype/Google Hangouts - $60/hr in person (offered to Kaikōura residents only)
  • Like to receive a FREE trial?

Try our online mini course on Optimal Cord Clamping & Care of the Placenta for FREE! Not only will this online mini course empower you with evidence-based information to help you have a more positive birth experience, it's also a great no obligation way to see if you'll enjoy our Online Antenatal Classes.

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Bloom Birth Photography

Bloom Birth Photography

The Birthing Room Online Antenatal Classes

Optimal Cord Clamping and Care of the Placenta


The Birthing Room offers a range of workshops and conferences to both families and health professionals. To find out what's up and coming in 2018 please subscribe to our mailing list.

Bloom Birth Photography

Bloom Birth Photography


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Bloom Birth Photography

Bloom Birth Photography